About Us

Why we are here

For commercial and industrial businesses the world over, energy has become more than simply an operating overhead. It is now a strategic imperative.

The rising cost of energy has driven the need for a more pro-active procurement model: one that requires direct engagement with energy markets in order to manage risk and secure competitive pricing.

At the same time, consumers are demanding environmental responsibility from their product and service providers. Consideration for the planet through sustainable practices - particularly the use of renewable energy - has become important for every business, from local cafes to multinational conglomerates.

Our local presence

In 2008, SmartestEnergy Limited in the UK began helping commercial and industrial businesses respond to these challenges. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Marubeni Corporation, we’ve since grown to become the UK’s leading purchaser of independent generation, supplier of renewable electricity, and provider of demand response services. Now with offices on three continents, SmartestEnergy opened in Sydney in 2020 to help Australian businesses become smarter energy consumers.

Seeing energy as an asset

Whether your business wants to become a more active consumer of electricity or minimise the risk of unpredictable costs, SmartestEnergy can help you with expertise and insights to help you navigate a rapidly evolving energy system. Balancing the grid is everyone’s priority, and we help businesses see energy as an asset that can be managed intelligently to create additional value. Our team can harness the flexibility of both end consumers and energy generators, identifying the most effective market opportunities for each case.

Shaping the global energy landscape for 20 years

Did you know 2021 marks SmartestEnergy’s 20th Anniversary? Since it was first established in the UK as an aggregator of independent generation projects in 2001, it’s charted a course of energy innovation and business growth globally. Marking its 20th Anniversary this year, SmartestEnergy reaffirms its commitment to driving a smarter transition to net-zero globally.